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Our practice philosophy is to blend evidence-based medicine, innovative treatment, and compassion to meet each patient's individual goals. We strive to alleviate pain and maximize the functional potential to allow patients to get back to their active lifestyles


Integrative Sports and Spine believes in empowering you, the patient, to take control of your pain. We understand the importance of educating our patients on their conditions so that they have the tools to maintain the highest quality of life while avoiding future injuries.

“Doing what we do best to

help others do what they do best!”

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Cutting-Edge Treatments for Neck, Knees, Shoulder, Elbow, Hips, Feet, and Ankle Injuries and Conditions


Shoulder & Elbow

Discover our range of advanced treatments that help repair damaged joints without surgery. Allowing you to get back to what you love doing.



Ongoing back pain significantly limits the quality of life. Our treatments are devised to relieve you of those discomforts in not time. 



An injured hip may lead to a recommended surgical replacement. Let us avoid that, by using modern developments in regenerative medicine.



Dr. Chang & Dr. Lee take a conservative approach to treating neck injuries and employ the most advanced treatments and techniques to reduce pain and restore mobility.



Knees, Ankle and Feet

Discover the benefits of our range of non-surgical, regenerative treatments that promote healing and full range of motion for knee and ankle injuries and conditions. 


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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Insurance Policy

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

We cover nearly all major insurance plans such as Blue Cross, Aetna, Medicare, Tricare, Cigna, Blue Shield, United Health Care, and many more.

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"I had a few epidural injections with Dr Lee and they were almost painless and right on the mark. So much better than others I had prior to his administration.

Excellent, professional and personable . Highly recommend him!"



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